FAQs from experts: Window Cleaning

In this section, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about window cleaning. Some questions may not be addressed because of their narrow or specific nature. If you have some unanswered questions left, do not hesitate to call us and speak with our dedicated representatives.

How long will it take to clean my windows?

It takes about 1.5 hours, an average, to clean 6 moderately stained windows. Since the specialists generally have vast practical experience and professional skills of window-washing, as well as special equipment and professional washing tools, 1 window takes about 15 minutes to be cleaned completely. From this timeframe you can deduce how much time will it take to clean all the windows in your house.

What if it rains right after the windows have been cleaned?

The rain can’t worsen your window condition. If the glass is treated poorly, its surface will deteriorate over time, but the rain won’t bring any harm to your windows. Special mixtures are used to clean the stains and spots, and they have some residual effect, but it can’t be washed away by just dome raindrops.

Is calling the professionals worth it? Can I clean the windows myself?

It’s obviously your decision, you can remove the stain just as well by yourself, but it’s always better to hire a trained hand. The professional cleaners leave no streaks or other residue, and they can spot the issue with the glass very quickly. Additionally, they have a much better supply or cleaning means on hand.

How long does it take for the cleaners to arrive?

If you wonder whether the cleaners can arrive the same day you call the up, there is a chance of it. Though, you must understand that schedule can sometimes be very busy. The time of the arrival can also be affected by the distance the cleaners will have to travel.

Will I know the time of the arrival?

If the schedule allows, you can set up the time of cleaning session when it suits you. Otherwise, you’ll be given a list of timeframes to choose prom. Choose the frame and the cleaners will arrive precisely when you want them to. But don’t pick a very narrow streak of time, because the specialists may not oblige your request.

Do cleaners bring all the supplies with them?

Yes, all the necessary equipment, mixtures and tools are provided by the company, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just tell specialists the time and they’ll take care of everything.

Do I need to be at home during the cleaning?

You only need to be at home if the service includes cleaning the interior side of the windows. But if you only need your exterior washed, you can decide if you want to monitor the process or not. It can go on without it, and after it’s done, you’ll receive a message.

Can I trust the cleaners?

Don’t worry about letting unfamiliar cleaners inside your apartment. Each worker is bound to be a very responsible and trustworthy individual. Most our cleaners are trained specialists with good measure of experience behind them.

What factors affect the cost of the service?

How much you pay is determined by several factors. It generally depends on the time spent to clean your windows, but it in itself is a complex factor. Such factors, as surface size, layers and so on, benefit to the final cost. But don’t worry – the cost is set beforehand, so you wouldn’t have to pay extra if the length of the service is increased artificially by the workers or other conditions.

How much does price estimate cost?

In order for the final cost of the service to be determined, the difficulty of the entire session must be estimated and converted into a price. This process is free, you can always learn how much the entire service will cost with different conditions, and then change your mind about cleaning them.

Is window-cleaning service costly?

Window-cleaning is absolutely affordable. True, the costs can get higher than usual if the windows are numerous, have unusual shape or large sizes, but it’s still a very affordable service.

What should I do before the arrival?

If the specialists are coming to clean your interior windows, all you need to do is remove all the fragile and obstructive objects on the path to the windows, make sure to open the door when they are near and then show them the windows in need of the washing.
If you booked the washing job for all windows in the house, you don’t even need to do that, just open the door and make sure there are no objects between the workers and the windows. You don’t even need to talk to them if you don’t want to – just go on with your usual routine.

Will the workers be a nuisance?

The cleaners generally stick closely to the windows and don’t wander off, save to proceed to the following target. They don’t make too much noise, either. Overall, you’ll barely notice their presence most of the time.

Do cleaners work on weekends and holidays?

You can book the cleaning at any day of the week, including weekends and holidays. Additionally, you can ask for the cleaning session in virtually any time you like – at night, evening or early morning.

How many cleaners are usually sent for the job?

There’s really no clear answer. It all depends on the job complexity, not just the amount of windows in your apartment. It’s important to note that most cleaning companies send less people now because of the pandemic.

Do cleaners take measures against the COVID-19?

Cleaning services are still extended to anyone willing, but certain countermeasures against the pandemic should be taken. Because of these, most cleaning companies send out smaller teams, it means that it’ll take longer to clean your windows. All cleaners are equipped with antiseptic gels, masks and gloves, as per guidelines.

Will cleaners only wash the windows? What about the screens and the rest?

You can ask the specialists to wash not only the windows proper, but also the frame, the windowsill, and all the possible parts that support the window. It depends on the design of the windows themselves, and you can always choose what parts of your windows you want cleaned.

How often do I need to clean my windows?

The exterior part of the windows should be cleaned at least twice a year, all the weather conditions considered. However, the frequency of interior washing depends on many conditions. Do you smoke? Do you have pets or children? How often do you touch the glass? Contact the support agent, and they’ll give you a rough insight.

What are the consequences of not cleaning my windows?

Stained windows aren’t detrimental for your health in any capacity, unless you touch them with your tongue. However, it is very important to keep your windows clean – it’ll improve the aesthetic value of your apartment, as well as improve your mood each time you look at them. Additionally, if the windows are in very poor condition (from soot, dust, etc.), the sun can sometimes be blocked from view.

What if I book the cleaning on the regular basis?

If you become a regular customer, perhaps you can receive the special pricing conditions. An urge to keep your windows clean at all times should be rewarded. In order to see if you can receive such a bonus personally, ask your support agent about the details.

Is professional window cleaning better than usual ‘maid’ services?

It is, undoubtedly! It may be cheaper and sometimes faster, but maid services ultimately create more harm than good. These ‘housecleaning’ services supply their workers with just basic cleaning solutions and a rag. Not only can you do it yourself, but it will also create issues in the long run. Basic tissues create static charges that attract more dust and dirt. The professional equipment, on the other hand, leaves minimum negative consequences and creates a much better view out of the window.

Will cleaning damage the surrounding objects and furniture?

The modern cleaning procedures involve minimum amount of water. Liquids can pour down the screens onto the windowsill, and then on the floor, carpets and so on. Not to mention the splatters created by the old-fashioned housecleaning. Instead, modern cleaning companies use industrial solutions based on foam. It doesn’t leave traces or liquid stains on anything. It’s also worth noting that true specialist work accurately and precisely, so you can be sure that there won’t be any chemical components anywhere save on your windows.